Юлия Барановская играет свою первую роль в большом кино
Recently it became known that TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya was invited to one of the roles in the movie “Uncle Sasha”.

Юлия Барановская играет свою первую роль в большом кино

The Director of the film is Alexander Gordon, co-host Julia transmission “Male/Female”. Baranovskaya shared his impressions from the shooting process, hoping that didn’t ruin anything.

Юлия Барановская играет свою первую роль в большом кино

“When I arrived on the set, the whole understanding of what I should do, I wasn’t understanding how. I relied on Alexander, who always trust in front of the camera and which close I’m always comfortable. Of course, I have experience on television, but to compare television and film cannot. These are completely different things. Often a good actor is not always a good presenter and Vice versa. Honestly, I arrived at the site completely calm and prepared quietly, and then saw Alexander in action, saw the work of actors and agitated. I really have genuine feelings for Sasha and was very afraid to let him down. I came out to people who are professionals, and I need to spend more time to explain something… It throws you out of your comfort zone. Yes, and I just wouldn’t want to spoil what they have created. I hope that will not spoil,” — said TV presenter.

Recall that after breaking up with her civil husband Andrey Arshavin the case of Yulia went up the hill, she managed to write a book, became a successful TV presenter, and now is trying out a new field.

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