Yulia Baranovskaya hinted at a new romance

Юлия Барановская намекнула на новый роман TV presenter has published an intriguing photo with a man. Seeing the fans concluded: Yulia Baranovskaya has a new partner, and she soon married again.
Юлия Барановская намекнула на новый роман

Yulia Baranovskaya conducts an active way of life: being a mother of three children, she has worked as a presenter of the program “Male/female” on TV, and is involved in the project “Fashion verdict”, and, of course, punctually attends social events. Everything that was happening to her, Julia tells its subscribers in Instagram. To date, fans have been wondering whether Julia alone. On direct questions about the personal life of 33-year-old Baranovskaya had long been answered unequivocally. She just said that he wants love and to get married. Now the television star posted a photo with the man, covering his face.

“I want to change, want love, want to be happy. And I’m ready for this!” she said a year ago.
Юлия Барановская намекнула на новый роман

Subscribers happy for Yulia and covered her approving and congratulatory messages. “Julia, you deserve true happiness!” “Well Done, Julia! Be happy! You deserve it”, “If it’s not a joke, you deserve to have a strong and reliable man! And the other you would not have chosen,” wrote Baranovskaya fans.

Julia divorced for almost 6 years. Her husband, the father of her three children, the footballer Andrei Arshavin left the family in 2012. They lived together for nine years. During this time he became one of the most famous Russian football players in the world. And she bore him a boy and a girl. The third child was born after their parting, as he left a pregnant common-law wife. Baranovskaya managed to survive the betrayal, she moved to Moscow, made his career, wrote a book about their relationship, and became a popular TV presenter. And now, it seems, personal life Baranovskaya is getting better. Recently, she said directly, did not expect Arshavin back.