Yulia Baranovskaya has left the channel TNT

Юлия Барановская покинула канал ТНТ
Exclusive 7days.ru: the official statement of the presenter.

Julia Baranovskaya

Photo: Mareta Keligova

Julia Baranovskaya will no longer be leading the show “RESET” on TNT. This spring will come out the last few issues of the transfer of its participation. “I am very grateful to TNT for the past two years. It so happened that my personal reboot largely coincided with the time that we were doing this project. Two years ago the management channel and the creators of the program entrusted to me, made then his first steps on TV, the host of this show. I learned a lot during this time. Thanks to the channel, thank you team, thank you to my co-host, thanks to our heroines and, of course, to all the viewers who watched, wrote and supported! You helped me restart my life and to believe in his new profession as a TV presenter. But life does not stand still and we must move on,” commented 7days.ru Julia its withdrawal from this popular show.

Baranovskaya left the project, not just one. With her gone and her co – host- makeup artist Yuri Stolyarov and hair stylist Eugene Gray. “It’s very cool that the “reset” has brought us. With Yura and Zhenya, we are not just colleagues, but friends outside of filming and associates in life. Two years we helped the heroines of “Reset” to change your life and your appearance. And now I want to do it outside of television.”

Soon Baranovskaya and its former partners on the show “Reboot” are going to hold a series of workshops around the country. “I have many times already in emails, social networks, meetings asked: “Julia, how did you manage to survive, how to start a new life, I realized that I have something to share with women and girls of our country. Released in summer my book “it gets better”, where I answer many questions. But still, in my opinion, nothing can replace live communication. I will be glad and happy to come to your city and share your tips and observations,” says Yulia Baranovskaya.

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