Yulia Baranovskaya happy proceeding in connection with a special man

Юлия Барановская счастлива возобновлению связи с особенным мужчиной
Famous TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya never hid the fact that she had to endure a lot.

Юлия Барановская счастлива возобновлению связи с особенным мужчиной

At the moment Yulia one is bringing up three children, two sons and a daughter.

Julia admits she was a severe blow parents ‘ divorce, but 20 years later she was able to reconnect with his father.

“True reconciliation has occurred only in August of last year. Dad called mom and said that he would like to meet. My mom told me. And I wanted them to come to us in Moscow together. “Mom, maybe you along with dad on the First of September coming?” – I suggested. He immediately returned my call, we agreed, and it was so cool! This does not mean that we again have those family and loved ones, as it was in childhood. But now I can at any time to call dad and just talk to him. How I missed it all these years”, – said Baranovskaya.

Of course Julia deserves praise for the fact that after a loud divorce with her husband Andrey Arshavin she was able to achieve great things.

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