Yulia Baranovskaya for the first time commented on the story with a wedding ring

Юлия Барановская впервые прокомментировала историю с обручальным кольцом
The presenter told us about the changes in life.

Julia Baranovskaya

Photo: Marina Demina

Recently on the finger Yulia Baranovskaya fans saw a wedding ring. The news was actively discussed in the Internet: really, five years after parting with Andrey Arshavin, the TV presenter has finally found personal happiness?

“The ring really was, for the first time said Julia Baranovskaya magazine “7 days”. But not the wedding and not even mine. I think someone hurried to wishful thinking. This ornament I bought for my daughter (TV host has three children children from Andrei Arshavin Artem, Yana and Arseny. Approx. ed.). Could not pass ring is made in the form of a kitten hugging a finger, with a completely adorable pink hearts. I immediately thought about my Lanka. But the ring was a bit big for her. Then I suggested: “why don’t I wear, then you are.” My fingers are only slightly bigger than hers, too, quite petite. But since I know the issues and comments in social networks that many people wish me luck, wish me to marry, it seems, someone is wishful thinking, and away we go…”

While Baranovskaya said that they are ready for change and is confident that in a short time, her ring finger will really decorate the engagement ring.

“I finally got rid of all my fears, resentments and feelings — smiles Julia. — I had a fear of how to combine all in one: children, work, two
transmission, master classes, touring, relationship — and to have enough for everything
time? If my time and energy are already fully booked, where can I get them to
love? But now I realize that nothing is impossible. And
a small panic that I felt six months ago when I
felt that change is near, now released. Fear
almost gone. I want to change, want love, want to be happy. And I’m ready for this!”

What changes have taken place now in the life of Yulia Baranovskaya, read the latest issue of the magazine “7 days”.