Yuli Gusman took part in a dancing competition

Юлий Гусман принял участие в танцевальном конкурсе
The Director supported the contestants of the show “You’re super! Dancing.”

Yuli Gusman

Photo: press-service of NTV

9 Sep NTV viewers will see the second day of the contest
“You super! Dancing.” On the important and exciting stage of the screening tests
young dancers support famous artists. To support the contestant from
Azerbaijan came his fellow — countryman, the film Director Yuli Gusman.

16-year-old Abbasgulu Safarov five years deals
the dance group of his boarding school, his main destinations of Latin American and folk dances. In the first round of the draft, he made one
of the “native” styles, and presented to the jury and millions of viewers traditional
Azeri dance. The guest of the program Yuli Gusman was impressed by the performance
young dancer — and noted that on the stage young man presented
their country.

“I have great trepidation watched the performance
Abbasgulu, — said Yuli Gusman. Of course he has room to grow, but
now he is a good dancer, sense of rhythm, style and an understanding of the nature
Azerbaijani dance I’ll give him that. Standing backstage, I thought a lot about
this guy did not come from the prestigious house of culture in the centre of Baku, not from
the famous band — he came from the orphanage… this is why the idea
competition gets crazy value. Because here you can really work with
youth, with his hands to raise her up. This project was the Elevator,
which is so needed these guys. I am very thankful to NTV for this!”