Yudashkin was first published after surgery

Юдашкин впервые вышел в свет после операции

The famous designer finally recovered and started to attend social events.

Now fans of the famous designer Valentin Yudashkin can be calm. Couturier finally recovered and has already started to appear at social events.

Together with his wife yesterday, he called for the celebration of the anniversary of a sports figure, Leonid Tyagachev, which Yudashkina long time friends. With the anniversary of the birth shared in Instagram Marina, proving that her husband feels great. After all, photos Valentin looks cheerful, happy and quite healthy.

Recall that the designer was having health problems so he was unable to attend his runway show at fashion Week in Paris. Relatives later told Valentine that he had surgery on the kidneys, so it took him a while to recover.

Fortunately, his wife and daughter were able to present the collection instead, and quite successfully. Galina, then first showed his son Anatoly, when I went out with him to the podium at the end of the action. And already on show in Moscow on 18 Oct Valentin be personally present.

In Paris a collection of Yudashkin spring-summer 2017 highly appreciated, for sure the Russian audience will also appreciate a collection of highly.