Yudashkin returned to Moscow with a newborn son

Юдашкина вернулась в Москву с новорожденным сыном
Daughter of the famous designer and his family left the United States.

Peter Maksakov and Galina and Marina and Anatoly Yudashkina little

Photo: Instagram

“In the West, home is best!” It is with these words went out early this morning from the plane Galina Yudashkin. The last three months she spent in new York, where was born her firstborn. The boy, who was named Anatoly, not yet a month old, but the flight he suffered a great. Almost slept all the time, only occasionally feeding the mother a signal that it is time to eat. By the way, a pediatrician from the United States was advised to make a transatlantic flight right now. The older the child becomes, the harder it in the first year of life transfer takeoffs and landings.

Of course, Galina was flying with a toddler are not alone, but in the company of her beloved husband Peter Maksakova and dad and mom (and now grandmother) with Marina Yudashkina.

In the Luggage Department of the plane were ten suitcases stellar family! The fact is that, in addition to their own things, Yudashkin just bought a lot of necessities for my son. First, America is much more choice, and secondly, a much nicer price. However, the price in their case a special role is not played, for excess baggage still had to pay!

In a country house Galina and Peter are all ready for a new tenant: a separate room in blue tones. Babysitting while the young parents are not going to take. At first, until Yudashkin will not return to work, she will help her husband and parents.

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