YouTube star Austin Jones arrested for child pornography

Звезда YouTube  Остин Джонс арестован за детскую порнографию

Known utuber Austin Jones was arrested on charges of possession of child pornography. In addition, the star of the popular YouTube channel has half a million followers, forced teenagers to send him a video of intimate content. Now the famous pervert will have to answer for their actions before the law.

Austin became popular, singing the world hits by popular artists and Capela. 24-year-old utuber was detained at the Chicago airport on Monday and was immediately arrested. Today he must stand trial and to testify. Prosecutors believe that he may escape and pose a threat to society, and therefore demanded that Jones remained in custody until a court decision.
As we learned from court documents, Austin demanded that the fans 14 and 15 years of videos of their genitals as proof of their sincere fan love. If convicted, under the laws of the state of Illinois it “shines” till fifteen years of imprisonment.