Вашей коже все равно, какого вы пола: что такое гендерно-нейтральная косметика и кому она нужна

Early protagonists of advertising campaigns of beauty products were exclusively girls. Considered everything about cosmetics — the territory exclusively female. However, over the last few years there has been a redistribution of boundaries. Persons CoverGirl and Anastasia Beverly Hills have become men, for them, the brand Chanel has released the pencils for the eyebrows, tone the fluid and lip balm, and Jecca, Fluide and Panacea have created a gender-neutral cosmetics, pedaling the idea that beauty is determined not by gender, and style. SPLETNIK.RU together with experts tried to figure out where we originated the trend.

Every beauty tool can be used by any person regardless of gender — that’s what reason the followers of the new trend. However, the term “inclusive care” is relatively recent.

The desire to use gender-neutral means — it is not a fad or a fleeting desire, it symbolizes a deeper, more fundamental desire to belong to the world and feel safe, explains an activist on gender and the journalist Jacob Tobia.

Recently a man who wears a beard and is wearing lipstick, has appealed to parents with a request to educate children, so they learned more about the community of people who do not fit into the binary gender system. He urged people involved in the education of the future generation, stop to straighten them and start to explain that “boys can sometimes use lipstick, and that’s okay.”

Вашей коже все равно, какого вы пола: что такое гендерно-нейтральная косметика и кому она нужна
Jacob Tobia

The answer to the question of how men properly apply red lipstick and red nail Polish, and lots of other things make-up can be found in the new beauty book-directory of françois NARS, the owner of the brand Nars. And face book is the famous designer Marc Jacobs, a big fan of makeup and the Francois pictures designer with a brightly painted eyes, lips and nails posing in the style of supermodels 1960s, China Machado (based on one of the shots taken by photographer Richard Avedon).

I’ve always loved this image of a girl painting nail fingernails my boyfriend. Or a guy waking up in the morning and putting on the shirt of his girlfriend. These images should not be shocking. After all, they are normal and real for many,

— mark said.

Вашей коже все равно, какого вы пола: что такое гендерно-нейтральная косметика и кому она нужна
Marc Jacobs

First by the division of beauty products by gender refused, the producers of niche perfumery. First, the “noses” timidly used in the fragrance traditionally masculine notes (for example, wood, leather and smoke), and then began to produce songs that fit the category of unisex.

Вашей коже все равно, какого вы пола: что такое гендерно-нейтральная косметика и кому она нужна

Over time, the trend has migrated to the world of makeup. So, M. A. C. introduced their new collaboration with fashion designer and creative Director Nicolas Formichetti, the slogan of which was: “Gender neutrality. Free style. There are no rules. The makeup of the living colors.” New York-based designer was one of the first who named the brand (Nicopanda based in 2015) is completely gender-neutral and proclaimed he would create products for people regardless of their gender identity.

Because men are frequently more dense skin, products need with a more dense texture, they melt away and perfectly mixed. Composition for men and women product is no different — the emphasis on type and condition. M. A. C. has always supported the idea of a “For all ages, genders and races” and has always developed products for any needs. The mentality and habits largely influence the choice of men, they often prefer the classic care — lotions before and after shaving, cream for the face, but with a matte finish

— says a leading makeup artist of M. A. S. in Russia and the CIS countries.

A fundamentally new approach to makapu suggested and mark Jecca. Its founder Jessica Blacker I thought about creating their own brand while working with a makeup artist at the London television. One day in 2015, she received a message in Instagram from the person who made the transgender transition.

The girl couldn’t find at the local Mall beauty tools, which she approached. She was too shy to approach the consultant in Sephora and ask for help. She felt a little uncomfortable — said Jessica.

Вашей коже все равно, какого вы пола: что такое гендерно-нейтральная косметика и кому она нужна

Blacker began to hold master classes: taught how to do the contouring, apply a concealer, if you have a beard. In just eight months the number of customers exceeded 200. The next step was opening his own make-up Studio:
I printed a couple of articles in a small newspaper, and one of the prisoners read it. He put it under the office door of one of the officers, and then contacted me to have me a makeup lesson. After the first master class was a success, I started to go to the prison regularly. About a year later I launched a brand Jecca. This is a product for everyone regardless of gender. The debut vehicle was a versatile palette Correct & Conceal Palette, which can not only cover the redness and the dark circles under his eyes and stubble on his chin.

Вашей коже все равно, какого вы пола: что такое гендерно-нейтральная косметика и кому она нужна
Blogger Freckle

However, the gender-neutral range of the brand is not everything. Should go to the social networks and website Jecca to understand that the representatives of the brand are in dialogue not only with girls but also with young people.

The founder of the vegan brand Fluide Isabella Giancarlo believes that their main mission is to create cosmetics “for people of all gender identities and colors of the skin”. In the filming of the brand involved only those models and photographers who belong to the LGBT community, on the same principle give preference to the artists working with the brand, and face Fluide is a blogger Freckle (Freckle), which appears in the video with a shimmering lipstick, long blonde hair and in full war paint.

The formula is composed on the principle of “brilliance care who uses it: the boy or the girl.” But the names of the products special. What is one of the red lipsticks Jecca shade Rosemont, named after the historic gay bar in Brooklyn. Fluide also donates a portion of all profits to organizations that support sexual minorities.

One Briton Sam Farmer went to the store, to the request of his 12-year-old daughter to buy deodorant. In the Department for girls everything was pink, with portraits of Barbie with hearts on the package. The boys offered products “for strong spirit of men”. As Sam raised children in an environment of gender equality, he had nothing how to get back home empty handed three years to study chemistry cosmetology. A couple of years he got a diploma and started a unisex brand Sam Farmer. In stock — means for face wash, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, moisturizing cream and, of course, the deodorant, which are suitable for both women and men.

Until the nineteenth century, not all societies had a clear distinction between male and female. Whereas in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, we are faced with the sharp differences. Now we return to the origins when people did not divide the items on the “for him” and “her”.The idea of equality and got to’s skin care.

We do not claim that the products of Panacea gender-neutral. For us the main thing — the sensitive, troubled skin. Whose is it, female or male — armistice,

says Terry Lee, founder of the brand of Panacea, which was officially launched in may this year.

Dermatologist from skin care clinics Limited Skin55 sure that although men and women the skin begins to vary in puberty, the main thing — to choose the care type and problems (acne, loss of elasticity, and so forth) and not on the floor.

There are some differences, this is partly due to testosterone. Men’s skin is about 20 percent thicker than women’s due to higher concentrations of collagen and elastin. Men also have more hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Like Fluide and Jecca, Panacea invites to cooperation of people of different genders,

— the expert explains.

Marketing company Mintel predicted that unisex cosmetics will become a global trend in 2018. And so it happened. Consumers are moving away from traditional gender stereotypes and expectations, apparently, the number of fans beauty products “for all” will only grow.