Your character pet: dogs like brave cats – smart

Ваш характер по питомцу: собак любят смелые, котов – умные

Have you noticed that many owners like their Pets? This is not an accident: tosenate possible to draw conclusions about the nature of man. This tells the psychologist, Skazka, film and smehoterapiya, a specialist in working with any kind of dependency Ia Kim.


A cat is the closest friend, the second “I” of the owner, so if someone doesn’t like the cat, he doesn’t like and her mistress. Cats usually give birth ladies, which harmoniously combine the advantages of both sexes. These women are beautiful and intelligent, feminine and agile, capable and effective, attractive and persistent in achieving goals.

Unmarried cats are often replaced non-existent child, because the cat also needs care, affection and tenderness, this playful and whimsical animal as a child. A single woman with a cat is to treat men with distrust and reluctant to come with them into a close relationship. A man who likes cats, recognizes a woman’s right to be independent. But a bachelor with a cat – quite self-sufficient person, and it will take a lot of effort to conquer his heart.

For woman, her dog is almost always a symbol of the man, even if the dog is female. Looking at the breed, it is always possible to say exactly what male quality the owner appreciate the most.

A large dog means that its owner needs a defender and reliable support. Bulldog – it means that a woman appreciates in his partner loyalty, reliability, trustworthiness, constancy and sense of humor. A lady with Doberman has iron willpower and provocatively refers to men who can protect me better than my dog? The woman who holds evil, yapping, biting and cowardly creature, makes men too demanding, expecting to find in them some incredibly great quality. As a result, such women are seldom happy in marriage.

Almost everyone who loves dogs, are intolerant of the independence of the other and seek to control the lives and actions of loved ones.

It is believed that only evil and cruel people can not stand the dogs, but this is not always the case. Opponents of the beans and the bug can just be shy shy, to be afraid of these loud barking and biting predators or perhaps they just prefer to look for love and friendship in the human world and don’t understand why they need this little wolf. Many people are sickened by the need to train another living being and become his master, and therefore they flatly refused to have the dog at home.

Hamsters and Guinea pigs

Everyone who loves the little furry animals need the protection of strong men, tenderness, affection and care, because they themselves feel small and defenseless. Why children are so often asked to buy a hamster, they want to be big, strong, caring friends for tiny animals.

If people can’t stand the stupidity of other people, he is unlikely to move him at the sight of a hamster or Guinea pig.


Bright exotic birds like the romantics, melancholy, sensitive, vulnerable ladies, bored in the silence and solitude. Parrot reminds you of tropical Islands, fabulous pirates and compensates for the lack of travel in everyday life.

Birds do not tolerate irritable, short-tempered, workaholic, overworked, the sybarites: a loud shrill cheeping and screaming parrots violate their comfort, knock off confuse thoughts and plans.


Love rats – so tell the world: I’m not annoying! I have an original thought, and your stereotypes have no power over me! A fan of rats is first of all to examine, touching and checking, and only then make your own conclusions. And he does not care about the opinion of other people. If your child brought home a rat, so he is sociable, cheerful, kind character.

Rats don’t like conservatives, shy, timid, cautious people, who walk in the beaten paths.

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