Youngest son of Anna Mikhalkova became eerily similar to Harry Potter

Младший сын Анны Михалковой стал пугающе похож на Гарри Поттера
Fans of the actress jokingly offered the young man to go to Hogwarts.

Младший сын Анны Михалковой стал пугающе похож на Гарри Поттера

Sergei Mikhalkov

Photo: Instagram

Daniel Radcliffe

Photo: still from the film

New photo of the youngest son of Anna Mikhalkova Sergey
caused a furor in the Network: in the picture the young man
incredibly similar to Daniel Radcliffe, or rather, his character — Harry Potter.
Subscribers in kommentariyah under the post of the actress in her microblog even
joked, calling the young man “Harry Potter vacation” and offering the young man to enroll in a School of Magic and Wizardry.

Interestingly, Mikhalkov was not going to emphasize the similarity
son with the most famous wizard. “While number one son enters son room
two spends time thinking about his mission….” — signed
she photo.

This year, the eldest son of the famous 18-year-old Andrew
graduated from high school. Grandson Nikita said prom with friends.
Was present at the party and younger brother —for Sergey this holiday has become
a “rehearsal” for the celebration of the graduation (prom the youngest son Mikhalkova
will take place only next year). Andrew, incidentally, has no plans to make a life
with a creative profession. After the exams, he applied for economic
faculty from three universities – MGIMO, Moscow state University and higher school of Economics.