Youngest son Jean-Claude van Damme awaiting trial

Младший сын Жан-Клод Ван Дамма ждет суда Nicholas van Varenberg was arrested September 10. 21-year-old boy was confident in the successful outcome of the case, but police do not think so. The most serious of the charges against him – threats of murder with a deadly weapon and drug possession.
Младший сын Жан-Клод Ван Дамма ждет суда

Children of celebrities often grow in the conviction that the law does not apply. This is partly because of the star family are always ready to pay a Deposit and hire the best lawyers. But sometimes the wheel of Fortune turns in an unexpected direction, especially if the child is overestimating the authority of parents or their desire to get him out of trouble. 21-year-old Nicholas van Varenberg yet confident in the successful outcome of the case and sees itself as a victim of police brutality. When arrested, he asked the guards: “do You want to become famous?”

A trail of blood

Under arrest Nicholas fell September 10. Residents of an apartment building in Scottsdale called the police because the guy was insane, scary, yelling, fighting with someone in the Elevator and left bloody footprints in the hallway on the floor. After talking with Nicholas, the police found that he was coming home upset and decided to take it out on the Elevator, which was hit several times with his fist into the dashboard. The Elevator proved a tough nut: the only thing he managed to damage, is broken in the blood of the hand. The police advised the youth to refrain from acts of vandalism and bowed.

In a few minutes the police had to return to help out a young man who rented an apartment in half with Nicholas. As it turned out, after the police had left the son of a celebrity he began to brawl, and when the frightened neighbor tried to run into the stairwell, held it to his throat a knife. Young van Varenbergh that bears the real name of the father, angered that during the first visit of the police the neighbor opened the door for them.

Nicholas was taken to the police station along with found during the search of evidence – a knife and marijuana. The officer wrote in the report that the guy is showing signs of mental illness. The lawyer Nicholas refused, and after talking with the judge, managed to have his bail to $10 thousand before the start of preliminary court hearings. 56-year-old Jean-Claude has not responded to the misadventures of his little brother – and to say the actor is nothing special, as with my son he was almost unknown.

Where are you, dad?

Младший сын Жан-Клод Ван Дамма ждет суда

Van Damme divorced and Darcy Lapierre in 1997, when my son was about two years. The main reason was infidelity in which a woman suspected her husband. A few years ago, Jean-Claude declared her innocence, saying that on the set of “Street fighter” in Thailand, had an affair with Kylie Minogue while his wife was pregnant. According to Darcy, after leaving Jean-Claude and I moved from the US to Europe and considered themselves free from paying alimony, that he counted us Supreme court. Since then, his communion with the son has been reduced to one international phone call per week. This does not mean that Nicholas grew up a poor orphan. Darcy and prior to her marriage to the actor was a wealthy woman, richer in the divorce from one husband and compensation from the other, and after twice successfully married multimillionaires. However, problems with the law, the boy was before. In 2016, van Varenberg was arrested for drinking alcohol and was fined $325. In December of the same year, was sentenced to one day in prison for “theft of services”, which in layman language means non-payment of accounts or ticketless travel.

Because the older children actor Christopher and Bianca rose athletes, it is assumed that Nicholas was “lucky” to inherit from the father manic-depressive psychosis. Van Damme, who is being treated for mental illness since 1998, describes it this way: “in the Morning, your sky may be blue, but after a few hours you suddenly find yourself in the thick darkness.” In this state it is possible to fight with the lift, or hooked on drugs, as in his time did Jean-Claude. Hearings on the case of Nicholas van Varenberg began on 20 September. The most serious of the charges against him – threats of murder with a deadly weapon and drug possession. Most likely, this time the guy will go to jail for one day.