Youngest daughter Ksenia Borodina was compared to Rapunzel

Младшую дочь Ксении Бородиной сравнили с Рапунцель Three months at Thea’s gorgeous hair. Fans of Ksenia Borodina not a little surprised to see a recent photo of the girl: the girl is already possible to tie bows.

      Младшую дочь Ксении Бородиной сравнили с Рапунцель

      TV presenter Ksenia Borodina, at the end of December last year became a mom twice, does not get tired to please the subscribers of his microblog touching photos of his daughters Marousi and Teona. However, little daughter, Thea three-month Ksenia Borodina still protects from prying eyes and not show her face. But nevertheless, on the photo you can see how literally not on days, and on hours growing and changing the heiress to the star family.

      This time the media personality has published a picture of the big sister Marusya with delight and tenderness admires younger Thea. “Here they are my printsesski-korolevka”, signed Ksenia Borodina photos with their favorite daughters. In the frame visible only to the head of the Theons, but it caused a storm of positive emotions in the followers Borodina. Fans of TV presenter impressed thick hair girl that is really rare in children of this age. They compared him with Rapunzel and jokingly remarked that the girl is already three months, you can braid the braids or tying bows. “Wow, that little Thea? So small and already such a hairstyle?”, “You can have a little braid to weave!”, – with surprise and delight fans write Ksenia Borodina. Many say that both sisters are very lucky – such beautiful hair should still look.

      It is worth noting that chic curls Marusya and Theon got, of course, inherited from the mother Ksenia Borodina, whose thick, long and always very effectively laid hair is particularly envy of the fair sex.

      However, not so long ago, the TV host decided to change its image by shortening her gorgeous locks, and now she has a neat haircut with length just below her shoulders. Plus, the curls Ksenia Borodina became much lighter. In fact, the star of “House-2” has turned into a blonde.”New color. Super! “Hastened to congratulate his favorite among fans. Others, however, criticized her. “Mary, you better a brunette”, “You would be a little darker color to the way it was”. Apparently, with the latter leading not agree, because it’s been a few days goes with your new hair color and is quite pleased with herself.

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