Младшая сестра Нюши мечтает быть похожей на неё
The singer in my birthday came to support my sister.

Maria Shurochkina and Nyusha

Photo: @nyusha_nyusha (Instagram Nyusha)

On the relationship between the sisters, as the singer Nyusha and Maria Shurochkina can only dream of. Russian pop star celebrates his 26th birthday, and in honor of this momentous day, her younger sister has published an incredibly touching congratulation.

“I sometimes think…If we weren’t sisters, I wouldn’t know ever, how can just one man to contain in themselves love and kindness, wisdom and ease, warmth, creative cosmic. Being your sister, I quiet, still, as in childhood, I’m the one for you! Try to repeat your tenderness, trying to find the origins of the velvet of your womanhood, trying to repeat your submissive and such a disarming flexibility… I’m still trying just a little at you like. Because you’re cute, something from another planet. Did you know that only to the me and pull. SIS, I love you! I wish you the color of the sky this what you dream… If you dream about purple – let it truly be so for you. Suddenly you dream of the air with a taste of coconut ice cream? If so – then let the air for you will change! Let the world for you will be more comfortable! Be the happiest!” — I wrote to Maria.

Incidentally, Nyusha decided to dedicate his birthday that is Mary. Today, the singer flew to Rio to support my sister during a competition in synchronized swimming. Shurochkina, with the support of the main fan on the podium, hopes to win.

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