Younger daughter of Sylvester Stallone arranged a double date at the stadium

Младшие дочки Сильвестра Сталлоне устроили двойное свидание на стадионе
Girls showed the audience their buddies.

Sistan and Scarlett Stallone


visitors basketball game teams Оklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Lakers got an unexpected extra entertainment. One of the first series showed two of the young celebrities:
daughter of 71-year-old Sylvester Stallone — 19-year-old Sistan and 15-year-old Scarlett. But still not
alone and with their Boyfriends. The eldest man to identify managed — it was
the American football player Connor Spears. But who became a knight the younger, nor
the audience nor reporters to determine so far failed. However, all live
with interest watched as the young daughter Stallone flirted with her

Sylvester the match was not. Hurry up.
all he had to work on yourself thoroughly in order to allow their
girls it’s a date. Indeed, Stallone confessed that his very
very concerned about how the rest of his beloved relationship with young people.
Stallone said with a smile: “I told the girls that won’t admit to
him men until they turn 40 years!”But his youngest daughter Scarlett
while only 15 years old and she’s still in high school.

As for Systin, it is already
finished school and now makes a career
in the modeling business. As a model she made her debut in 17 years, and in
last year for the first time appeared on the catwalk during the Fashion week in London. As
have repeatedly told Sylvester he is a very good all his three daughters,
the eldest of whom is studying at University.