Young Tarzan: the son of Natasha Koroleva won the users of the Network

Молодой Тарзан: сын Наташи Королевой покорил пользователей Сети
The singer looks girlfriend, 15-year-old Arkhip.

Natasha Queen and her son Arkhip

Photo: @natellanatella Instagram Natasha Koroleva

Natasha Koroleva added a new microblog joint photo with 15-year-old son Archip. “Little boy,” affectionately calls his famous mom, is a real looker. As they grow older it becomes more and more like his father, Sergei Glushko. The same powerful broad shoulders, tall… beside him Natasha looks and not her mom at all, and so, high school girlfriend.

It is worth noting that each new photo name in social networks is causing a furor. This time less than a day more than 40 thousand people, said frame Queen “like”. “How fast children grow up. Son — handsome, Young Tarzan!», «Wow! Is Arkhip? The storm girls,” “the Son had become taller than mother. The ladies will not be”, “Lucky guy with parents”, “Son’s a man now, grown so fast,” the writing Queen.

The two-shot, by the way, was made in Miami, where on a regular basis lives the son of Natasha and Sergei. The Queen comes to the son on a vacation or when it has formed a “hole” in the tour. But the fate of his son, the singer is experiencing. In America cared for by a grandmother Lyudmila Poryvai, which, if anything, the grandson of descent will not give.