Young Prince George is growing a sissy

Юный принц Джордж растет неженкой
William explained why his son doesn’t want to learn to play football.

Photo: @kensingtonroyal Instagram

Prince William and his wife Duchess
Catherine managed to earn the reputation of a sporting family. However, William, who
he is an Honorary President of the Football Association of great Britain, the extremely
rarely seen on the football field. And here at a reception in honor of the players
women’s soccer team held recently at Kensington Palace has finally revealed why…

Conversing with one of the athletes, a football player
Casey Stoney, the Prince admitted that he likes to “chase the ball”, but he
just hates the use of force. And son Prince George which is this fall going to school seems to have inherited little
“phobia” father. And because of this, the young Prince refuses to learn to play football
although nearly all the boys love it. However, as explained by William, he
not too upset about it. “I hope, George, and Charlotte still
find the sport that they’re passionate about!”

As for the William, it
strongly prefer “non-contact” sports. Father George, as
however, Duchess Catherine, just love water sports — boating,
yachting. Not like William Golf and Polo, where it is considered
excellent player. As for football and Rugby, then this is definitely not my favorite
sports Prince. As described recently, actor Eddie Redmayne, who studied
along with William at Eton College, the Prince is always long complained after
each student Rugby match, everything’s sore. And that he, in General,
hates strangers touching him…