Young-green: wife Martirosyan showed archival photo with her husband

Молодо-зелено: жена Мартиросяна показала архивное фото с мужем
Janna and Garik changed dramatically over the last 15 years.

Photo: Instagram

Garik Martirosyan, Zhanna Levina met in Sochi in 1997. While many colleagues of the comedian in “Comedy Club” meet, fall in love, marry and divorce, he remains true to his one and only wife. This year the couple celebrated 20 year anniversary of Dating, and the next will be to celebrate the anniversary of their relationship, so as to meet the young people began only in ‘ 98.

A photo that Jeanne has published in his personal blog, amazed fans. Like Garik all this time did not descend from screens of TVs, but that’s why the difference between today’s Martirosyan and, 15 years ago, is so striking.

“15 years ago, commented on a photo of Jeanne in her usual humorous manner. Since hair Garik became less, my eyebrows have become longer. Garik helped, than could. P. S. Talented person is talented in everything! He draws well!”

By the way, since, as Joan began to keep my own blog in Instagram, her followers understand what is the secret to a happy family life of Martirosyan in the humor. Part of Jeanne jokes sometimes exceeds Garik! Many fans can’t wait when the wife, she will take the stage “Comedy Club”, but her husband apparently not thrilled with this idea.