Young daughter Christina Aguilera sat behind the wheel

Юная дочь Кристины Орбакайте села за руль The heiress of the singer Claudia Zemtsova first tried to drive a car. In the Internet appeared the video, where six-year-old girl first sat behind the wheel. This significant event is the granddaughter of Alla Pugacheva she informed fans.
Юная дочь Кристины Орбакайте села за руль

Daughter Kristina Orbakaite Claudia for the first time sat behind the wheel. Six-year-old girl skillfully manages Mercedes. The video, which depicted a driving, appeared on the personal page of a granddaughter of Alla Pugacheva on Instagram.

Юная дочь Кристины Орбакайте села за руль

It is worth noting that Claudius is not one is sitting behind the wheel, and on his knees. Most likely – her father Mikhail Zemtsov. But behind the scenes the voice of Christine. Star mother asks the daughter: “Who’s the driver?” The video shows that the vehicle moves in the yard of the private sector. Claudia confidently holds the wheel, and deftly operates the machine.

Юная дочь Кристины Орбакайте села за руль

Recall that in late March, daughter Christina Orbakaite and Mikhail Zemtsov was six years old. Celebrate the season with a stellar mom and dad organized a massive feast, to which were invited many friends and relatives of the girls. Christina organized a feast in one of the best restaurants in the capital.

At the festival there was grandma Claudia Alla Pugacheva children, singer Jasmine with the daughter, Phillip Kirkorov together with the heirs, and many other representatives of show business. King of the Russian pop scene devoted little touching Claudia greeting posted on Instagram.

“Wonderful, celebrated yesterday, the birthday of our favorite Klawock, daughter of Christina and Misha. Fun, together, family style and very tasty! How fun to walk on open spaces and, of course, humming together is better, so, friendly chorus of Alla-Victoria, Martin, Lisa, Harry and Margaret! God bless you, our children, a long and happy life and God forbid to know the grief and misery,” wrote Philip.

Relatives and friends of the star family say that the character of Claudius is very similar to the grandmother of Alla Borisovna. Girl happy-willed, strong, very smart girl. Diva loves the baby. Not so long ago the singer has compared the girl with the great Mona Lisa.