Young British cook ventured to incur the disfavor of Queen Elizabeth II

Молодая британская повариха рискнула навлечь на себя немилость Елизаветы II
She didn’t want to bake the favorite cake of the Queen for her jubilee.

Elizabeth II and Nadia Hussain

Photo: Splash News/East news

Taking orders to bake a cake to 90-th birthday
Elizabeth II, a young talented cook Nadia Hussain allowed myself unseen
willfulness. She decided to make for the Queen a fruit cake instead
favorite chocolate! Fortunately, Elizabeth wasn’t angry. Taking the cake
the Queen politely thanked Nadia. However, that monarch actually
thought of this substitution, remains a mystery.

When a few weeks ago to see Mrs. Hussein, which in
last year won the UK’s established political contest “Best Baker”, asked the representative of the
Buckingham Palace and gave her the order to manufacture large cake for
family celebrating birthday of the Queen, Nadia was sure that this is a bug
or someone’s joke. And when it became clear that this was not a prank, it
was abruptly, thinking what dessert to cook for the Queen. After some hesitation
a bit, Hussain decided to take a chance. Although she knew that the Queen
everyone loves chocolate, and the cook wanted to try to please the Queen a recipe of her own invention. She built the present three-storey
a work of confectionary art, covered with orange glaze and stuffed
butter cream and special marmalade, made to a secret recipe Nadia.
“At first I was going to make grapefruit cake, but decided it was already
too. Because grapefruit love’s not all!” — said Hussein.

As told Nadia, she was terribly worried, when I was preparing the dessert
for the Queen. Her hands shook so that the young woman struggling to cope
with the work. Fortunately, Mrs Hussain did not realize until the end of the degree
the audacity of the idea. After all, although she was born in Britain, her parents
emigrants from Bangladesh, and Nadie difficult to understand how the British value their
tradition and committed to the way things were. For example, it is known that Elizabeth life
uses the same nail Polish and always uses bags one and
from the same manufacturer. Yes and its menu, according to the Palace cook, not
change for several decades! So depriving the Queen of her favorite chocolate dessert, Nadia risked seriously to upset Elizabeth.

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