Молодой бойфренд Мэрайи Кери публично признался в своей любви к певице
Carey first put Brian Tanaka in the light.

Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka

Photo: @mariahcarey/Instagram

A novel 46-year-old Mariah Carey and
33-year-old dancer Bryan Tanaka continues to develop
pace. The matter has already reached that Tanaka, with the approval of the Carey, gave an interview to
eonline.com about his relationship with the singer.

“Friends, we her career began
for a long time. She always liked me, and now I can say that it just
love it!” said Tanaka. “Something
brought us together, I even know what it is: mutual admiration. She saw
something in me, so it all started. Apparently fate itself had destined us to
was together…” — without false modesty, said the dancer.

The other day Mariah was first brought
her boyfriend appeared in as the official satellite. He came with him
the ceremony of the inclusion of the Christmas lighting on the Empire State Building in new York, where she
entrusted the honor to light the holiday lights. But recently, the lovers returned with
a romantic vacation in Hawaii, where baffled tourists for its relaxed
behavior on the beach.

Recall that the novel of the singer and her backing dancer began
this summer. And it, apparently, and has led, ultimately, to the collapse of her romance with billionaire James Packer,
she was going to marry. As argued, Packer madly jealous
Mariah to Brian and made every effort to take him out of the show Cary.
But it didn’t help: Mariah and Brian
continued to communicate offstage. Then, Packer has decided to terminate its
engagement with the singer…