“Young and inexperienced!” Pregnant Subsky accused of inappropriate behavior

«Молодая и неопытная!» Беременную Шубскую обвинили в неподобающем поведении
Wife of Alexander Ovechkin risks in the last months of pregnancy.

Photo: Instagram

Soon Anastasia Subsky for the first time will become a mother. This summer she is going to have Alexander Ovechkin of the firstborn. 24-year-old model feels great, but its behavior is not like the public. Judging by the comments to each photo in her personal blog, She is behaving right in an inappropriate way!

The last occasion of indignation of its followers became the high-heeled shoes. “Why take the risk and walk in these heels?!”, “It’s very silly, because we know that it is impossible for pregnancy to walk in heels… Young and inexperienced, and no one to tell,” “she, maybe, is not worth it to walk in those heels? Consult your physician, And do not be afraid in those shoes my stomach?” — texted her “well-wishers”.

Also Ovechkin wife “remembered” that she never ceases to “hang out” with her husband, for that week in a row. After the victory of Alexander in the Stanley Cup series party still not over, and Subsky everywhere accompanies her beloved husband. Well, the “final chord” was the transatlantic flight that Anastasia did, horror of horrors, the seventh month of pregnancy.

Nastya and Alexander said that he came to Russia for a month, so they are going to give birth in the States. So that the public resents more and therefore about the dangers of flights in the last month of pregnancy know everything. Moreover, airlines can is banal not to let a pregnant woman on the plane if they suspect even the slightest chance that the child may be born during the flight…

However, all this criticism is only because of genuine excitement for the health of Anastasia and her baby. By the way, subscribers on the shape of the abdomen already figured out the sex of the baby. Most claim it to be a boy.

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