You should be able to: eyebrow giants turned the Yakut star instagram

Уметь надо: брови-гиганты превратили якутку в звезду instagram

The girl made a bad make-up and became famous!

Unlikely Angelica protodyakonova from Yakutsk thought about the fact that one day she would overdo the eyebrow pencil and this day will be her happy hour.

The girl with the huge eyebrows on half of the forehead photographed in the normal bus. The picture quickly spread on the network, and then Internet users are found and the character itself.

At first Angelica was ashamed of his makeup, and then, when I realized that eyebrows are a success, I decided to earn and not lose.

Every picture supernovae began to bring the girl thousands of likes, and gradually the number of subscribers rose to 27.5 million people.

And when the makeup Angelica repeated the popular online beauty blogger sadiya slay, the girl recognized all over the world.

Now 20-year-old resident of Yakutsk earns on advertising and boasts that she is everywhere doing discounts because of the eyebrows.

“I have a cool pencil ends. My Chinese fans I cheap give. They sell for 100 rubles and give me 50 rubles. Buy 10 pieces”, – shares his benefits of Angelica.

In hometown girl became a star No. 1, she even got some fans who try to replicate her makeup, by the way, some of them are men.

@SadiaSlayy : Alright babes I’ve been seeing this video going around of super bold brows! Is this going to be the new brow trend of 2017??? Yes or no? Tag a friend who loves bold brows (Original bold brow video by @Anzhelika_Protodiakonova )

Video published S (@sadiaslayy) Nov 22 2016 at 1:11 PST

Since Angelica first showed their eyebrows on the bus, her life changed dramatically. The girl was finally able to fulfill a dream and to go to driving school. Now she wants to save up for a Mercedes and as soon as buy it, be sure to do the eyebrows, all seen from afar, who rides and has lost her way.

And here’s the bad makeup, the same people are able to become famous.