«Вы теперь там вместе!» Татьяна Лазарева рассказала о горе в семье
The famous TV presenter dad died.

Tatyana Lazareva

Photo: Maxim Lee

Yesterday the family of Tatyana Lazareva has come sorrow: 84-th year of life died her father, Yuri Stanislavovich.

“So many of us from our parents and our ancestors that neither one mirror do not show all — star wrote in a personal blog. — Thanks dad, thanks mom. Are you there now together, we see you.”

Yuri Stanislavovich worked all his life as a teacher, he taught at physical and mathematical school of Novosibirsk state University. On retirement, he did not go to the last, did not see the point. Mother Tatiana, Valeria Alekseevna, by the way, was also a teacher. She left for 4 years to his beloved wife. It was after her death dad Lazareva much passed.

“Mom was an amazing story — told Tatyana in an interview a couple of years ago. — All her life she worked without stopping, she had a bunch of students and teachers-followers, she wrote textbooks for literature for the elementary school. Two years ago, she their feet, came to the hospital to solve a medical problem, was sitting on the bed with someone joked and suddenly, in mid-sentence, he died. Said her friend: so leave the righteous. So my parents is an absolute for me.”

Fans of Tatiana Express her condolences and I wish her the strength to deal with the grief.