“You like her?”: Buzova scandal Gritsenko

«Она тебе нравится?»: Бузова устроила скандал Гриценко The presenter was again jealous of the participant “House-2” Irina Pinchuk. Roman Gritsenko still claims he’s in love with Olga Buzova. But despite feelings to the star, the man, it seems, does not intend to abandon relations with a new member of the project.
«Она тебе нравится?»: Бузова устроила скандал Гриценко

For months Roman Gritsenko desperately fought for the attention of Olga Buzova. And it seems, the heart of TV stars thawed out after her divorce from footballer Dmitry Tarasov, the participant “House-2” became the first man whose attention she is interested in. Roma presented the singer with flowers and soft toys, arranged Dating, invited to the movies, and recently kissed Buzova directly on Calvary.

However now Olga appeared competitor – former star of the project Irina Pinchuk, who recently returned to the perimeter. Despite the fact that the singer did not give hope of Gritsenko, to the appearance of the new girls, she still reacted painfully.

“You tell me. You really like her?” asked Buzova.

“No, I didn’t love at first sight, she, too, does not. I look at her and realize that for all the time that are on the project, she’s the only girl that I liked. When you said between us there is no passion, why don’t we kiss and sleep… Because I take it pretty seriously,” said Roman.

A conversation with Gritsenko was very touched Buzova – the girl’s voice trembled, but her eyes were full of tears. Serious men are very surprised to Olga, who believed in his feelings for her.

However, before Olga gave to understand that she can’t be in a relationship with a member of telestroke. For this reason, the young man began to look for a new girl. In the end, his choice fell on the beautiful Irina Pinchuk, who is no less zealous attitude to the relations of the Novel with the presenter. On this soil between them there was a conflict.

According to Pinchuk, she won’t be able to forgive the betrayal of Gritsenko. In General she is positive, she is sure that she will be able to build relationships with Roman and make him happy. According to her, the guy never was in love with Olga.

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