You get used to it: Romanov will leave “Revizorro”

Вы привыкните: Романовскую оставят в «Ревизорро»

“Friday!” commented the boycott of spectators, announced the new host.

As soon as rumors about the resignation of Lena Flying from his post as presenter of the show was confirmed, the audience declared war on the successor of the ex-soloist of “VIA gra” Olga Romanov. Even after Lena announced that fans will see her in the new show “Stroinski” and “Revizorro” she will remain the producer, the fans were not satisfied and staged a protest in social networks with the hashtag #Bernicerunderwoo.

The first issue with the new host has already passed on the channel “Friday!” and received mixed reviews.

“Olga Romanovskaya, as the leading good. The more Volatile Elena has left the channel “Friday”, she starred in “Revizorro show”, and working on a new project that will be similar to “Revizorro,” write one read program.

Others insist: “Bring back Helen! Romanov is just awful! Do not like it how it is!”

Viewers have threatened the channel that will boycott the show if they don’t make concessions. We decided to find out, whether will work such a plan and what do you think on the channel about this “war”.

“The fans are always worried when the leading to which they are accustomed to, are leaving the show – has told Woman’s Day the representatives of the channel “Friday!”. – Remember that was when the “heads and tails” for a leading Alan Badoev came Andrey Bednyakov. The audience just experienced. And then? Andrew was their favorite host! We think that Olga Romanovskaya still will, her love. By the way, many viewers have left positive comments about her work.”

In short, “Friday!” peace. The guide channel is confident that hope Romanov will come true and soon fans will wear it on your hands.

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