You drive: how Sabitova, bugs and Permyakova moonlighting “fish”

Тебе водить: как Сябитова, Жуков и Пермякова подрабатывали «бомбилами» Artists had to be rescued from the rough and tumble girls and animals take in as payment. On the eve of the taxi driver, which is celebrated in the country on 22 March, “StarHit” to find out how celebrity was trying to make in hard times.

      Тебе водить: как Сябитова, Жуков и Пермякова подрабатывали «бомбилами»

      Celebrities make no secret that in times of crisis tried to do everything to feed his family. Some had to abandon his star status and get behind the wheel of a car in search of income. During the traveling around the city they were faced with different people and situations. For some the experience of “fish” could end tragically, and others saved their passengers. Rose Sabitova, Roma Zhukov, Willy Tokarev, Svetlana Permyakova and Rustam Solntsev has shared with “StarHit” the stories about the work of taxi drivers.



      Rose Sabitova was threatened

      In 1993, the future main matchmaker of the country lost her husband and was left alone with two small children. To feed the seed, the rose began to taksovat. Rose Sabitova: “Contact with ex-cons not suggest”

      “I had a pink “Eye,” recalls Sabitova. – “Bombed” I only at night while She slept with Dennis. Carried exclusively by women, men were afraid. I constantly changed locations, because as soon as I catch the eye of criminal personalities, they “ran” with the requirement to pay tribute.

      Once on the Kiev station I met a grandfather, a Tatar, also a taxi driver. He kindly treated me – “tossed” customers were treated to hot tea. After a month of work, he walked up and confidently said, saying, come, Rosa, not a female thing to do. And told that the one lady taxi driver any bad people beaten and car stolen… I got scared and followed his advice. Better floors in metro wash – and safer”.


      Looking for you

      Roma Zhukov from behind the ferret spent the night in the car

      Тебе водить: как Сябитова, Жуков и Пермякова подрабатывали «бомбилами»

      The author of the hit of the late ‘ 80s, “I love you girls I love you boys” Roma Zhukov ten years after the takeoff of the left show business and was forced taksovat.

      “1997 – heavy time for me, – says the singer “StarHit”. – “Bombed” from morning to night, not knowing rest, needed money. Clients, I came across calm, no I did not know, though the mirror was dangling disk with my pictures… But here’s the funny cases were. Worked as a shift, going home and suddenly I hear something rustling in the trunk. Climbed to check, and there… a ferret. Alive! I panic – where did it come from? Apparently, someone left from customers.

      Included the logic and realized that the creature most likely left mom with two sons preschool. Found in the trunk a towel, wrapped a ferret, put in the back seat and went to find the owners. Quickly remembered where I took my family and went to them, on the way stopped at the store for apples for a new friend. Came here, stood at the entrance and suddenly realized that the street it’s night and mother with children at this time is unlikely where you’re going. Not to go to the other end of Moscow, decided to spend the night under the Windows…

      Woke up bright and early and started to follow leaving the house. Fortunately, I need objects appeared half an hour later. Before I could get out of the car, as a mom of boys saw me and is already running: “Oh, you brought us George?” Gave the beast for a long time and then laughed: ferret Igor…”


      Or I’ll shoot!

      Willy Tokarev almost killed

      Тебе водить: как Сябитова, Жуков и Пермякова подрабатывали «бомбилами»

      Singer Willy Tokarev in 1974 emigrated to the United States, where he began working as a taxi driver. “I went to new York to record an album with his songs, which because of censorship it was impossible to publish in the Soviet Union, says Willie I. “StarHit”. – For the release of records in new York took nearly $25 thousand with all the sophisticated production, including advertising around the world.

      I sat behind the wheel of a taxi and working 16 hours a day, for four years, has collected this amount. During this time not once was endangered. Four times I was robbed at gunpoint. Once the passenger’s got a gun to his head, demanded money and law, he sat behind the wheel, and I was seated next to. He said he will take to the track, where he intends to kill.

      I said, racist and 26 white sent to the light. You’re next! I answered him: we also killed the 26 Baku Commissars. The stranger asked, – who are they? Explained. He perked up, imperceptibly, we chatted, I began to tell him our jokes, he liked it, and he decided not to kill me. Okay, says the car, I’ll take you, and life will leave, you’re fun!”


      On all hands

      Svetlana Permyakova taxi driver did for gasoline.

      Тебе водить: как Сябитова, Жуков и Пермякова подрабатывали «бомбилами»

      The actress made her film debut in 2007, playing Joan of senior warrant officer Topalov in the series “Soldiers”.

      “Money is not enough, – says Svetlana “StarHit”. – To save money, decided from time to time to let in people to your Chery Kimo. “Fee” itself had not installed it – took what was given, never demanded. Give a hundred rubles – well, give three – all excellent. Goal to earn so the apartment did not put out to cover the cost of petrol – and thanks for that. Mostly picked up women: probably to get in the car to the representative of your gender, they were not as bad as someone else’s man.

      I remember once late in the evening was driving on a mountainous area, you see the girl is. What do you think, in such a criminal place in the dark strolling Stay, offered to drive me away from sin. The girl agreed, would literally drive half a kilometer, we saw a company of fighting boys. Laughed, Wang and I saved the passenger from a meeting, who knows what could result”.



      To Moscow from Krasnodar future showman and star of the project “Dom-2” came in 1998. First time in the capital, Rustam worked as a taxi driver. Rustam Solntsev: “Looking for a surrogate mother for my child”

      “On the money accumulated I bought a cherry “the nine” and began to bomb, says Solntsev with “StarHit”. – I liked it, for the first six months I studied the Moscow and amassed a decent amount. Unpleasant incidents were not: I non-friable, 185 cm in height, so as not to pay me afraid… One day, however, amusing. Picked up a girl she was carrying for animals. Got to the place, came the moment of reckoning, and she told me: “please, Forgive me, but I can’t pay. Maybe take a kitten?”

      I first began to refuse, but then I thought: what I actually show off, long-tailed wanted to have. The passenger opened the carrier, and from there looked at me my dear whiskered snout… So I became the owner of a purebred cat Bucks that have lived with me for almost 12 years.”