You can handle this. Sharapova was engaged in Boxing

Держи удар! Шарапова занялась боксом

Famous tennis player develops for himself a new sport.

Maria Sharapova, even in a period of disqualification of not wasting any time. While the schedule of the girls there tennis tournaments, she decided to try and learn another sport and started Boxing.

Sharapova posted a picture of the hall where the coach and work out the bumps. It should be noted that Mary had already learned what a Boxing stand, it competently covers her face and body.

Subscribers tennis players found in the picture even shaped the implication, they say, so Sharapova is fighting for his reputation, and advised her not to surrender and fight to the end.

Recall that in spring 2016 anti-Doping Agency (WADA) accused Mary in the use of a prohibited drug Meldonium and removed her from the tennis competition until April 2017. Sharapova admitted his guilt. Who knows, maybe during the time of suspension it is so successful in Boxing that will change the sport. Sure, its nature and sports data for this purpose will suffice. Though, most likely, Boxing is just one of the means of Mary, to keep yourself in shape. Well, to repulse the attackers and accusers in the case.

In addition to the martial arts athlete actively engaged in learning. She enrolled at Harvard business school. “I don’t know how it happened, but Hey, Harvard. Can’t wait to start program”, signed Maria photo on the background of the institution.