Инструктор по йоге поведал о романе с Сати Казановой According to the man, between him and the singer were romantically involved. Evgeny Trufanov lifted the veil of privacy, Sati Casanova, claiming that his star was bound not only by spiritual practice.

      Инструктор по йоге поведал о романе с Сати Казановой

      Sati Kazanova – one of the most closed Russian pop stars. The graduate of “factory of stars” keeps a secret from the General public his personal life. Recently, journalists managed to find out that the chosen singer became the 55-year-old Alexander Shenkman, President of Rosvodokanal.

      Sati Kazanova forced to postpone the wedding

      When it revealed details and previous relationships of the stars. Yoga instructor Sati was a very talkative man. Evgeny Trufanov decided to share with the press details of a passionate love affair with Casanova, which never escalated into something more.

      “After we met there was a series of non-random coincidences, and soon we met again with Sati — she performed at the festival “Usadba-jazz”, where we opened the project and carried out by YogaPeople yoga for couples. Symbolic, isn’t it? Baby soft then come in handy. After the festival we were at me, then Sati for the first time crossed the threshold of my house near the river in the suburbs. We met irregularly, it happened from time to time. Our history passed the stage of “liberation from clothing,” but failed to develop into something greater”, – ruefully admitted Trufanov.

      It is interesting that Satie for many years, like yoga. Every new day it starts with exercises for internal organs Nauli. “This is an ancient yogic technique for healing of the body, you want to perform on an empty stomach 10-15 minutes – shared Casanova with his fans on the social network. – Then shower with cold water, I have six years take it in the morning: very refreshing! After that, drink warm water, try to do it slowly. It all takes me half an hour. After all the body is awake, it is taken for meditation.”

      Not surprisingly, this diligent student was summoned from his mentor lofty sentiments. According to Trufanova, his love affair with Satie ended not so long ago.

      “When dealing with the notoriety that entails a number of obligations, having cause for fear. And fear, as we know, is the enemy of love. The last time we saw each other in July 2016 — Sati decided to surprise with an unexpected visit and brought sweets from Baku — the meeting took place at my house in the suburbs. The house remained unfinished, and the joint phase was completed,” the mysterious man said in an interview “Life.ru”.

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