Евгений Жариков: мечты о большой семье, которые привели к краху отношений Today people’s artist of the RSFSR would have turned 77 years old. Yevgeny Zharikov famous in dozens of films, among them the much-liked by the audience “Ivanovo detstvo”, “Born revolution”, “Long road to dunes”.
Евгений Жариков: мечты о большой семье, которые привели к краху отношений

Yevgeny Zharikov was born in 1941 in the family of the writer and school teacher. He was the sixth child in the family. His childhood spent in the suburbs with my grandparents. Because of severe wartime famine and of the parents of the little Zhenya was forced to send it under Zagorsk, where the future actor was truly happy. Thanks to grandpa Jack learned a lot of crafts.

His youth the actor has already spent in the parental home, where the crafts came literature. Parents Eugene thought he was made for studying in a technical College, and not seen my son in the humanitarian and the more creative spheres. But after high school, Eugene I. was enrolled at a prestigious technical University and VGIK, where he began his path to exceptional popularity. It VGIK studied Galya, a friend Zharikova school drama club, to which the guy harbored strong feelings.

It soon appeared that his love of school is already married, the feelings gradually began to cool off. It was a 2-year, then Eugene got his first role in a movie and got huge success. The actor became a favorite of millions and settled in the heart of every other Soviet women. One of them was lucky enough to become the wife of Yevgeny Ilyich – beloved popular artist was Valentina Zotova, figure skating coach. However, this marriage was not meant to last “until the end of days” and after 12 years of marriage the couple broke up.

“A considerable period. Looking back, I realize that for so long only because I was constantly absent. Wife to the shooting did not take,” admitted Evgeny Ilyich in an interview.
Евгений Жариков: мечты о большой семье, которые привели к краху отношений

Real happiness in the life of an actor associated with the name Natalia Gvozdikovoy. At the time of the meeting the young people already had a family relationship with their partners. Gradually young men began to converge, thanks to Eugene and his relations both confirmed for roles in the serial “Born by revolution”. For four years, filming many claim the hand and heart of Natalia, but getting both was only Zharikovo. In order to formalize the relationship, each of the actors had a difficult divorce.

Wedding artists was very modest. Eugene has long dreamed of children, a big family, and then, finally, came the good news: his beloved wife was pregnant. The artist was in the seventh heaven from happiness, he could not hide his joy when he was born the son of Fyodor. The actor immediately began to prove himself as a very caring and sensitive father. Zharikov and I dreamed about the children. On the other hand, during the first pregnancy Natalya Fyodorovna had to abandon six roles that put her future career at risk. And then Mr Mukhin proved himself as a wise husband: gave my wife an opportunity to do further, did not try to dissuade from a decision not to have children.

Евгений Жариков: мечты о большой семье, которые привели к краху отношений

The son of Yevgeny Zharikov and Natalia Gvozdikovoy decided not to be an actor. From childhood the boy knew that this profession takes him parents, so he refused to withdraw even at school age. How is it that mom and dad can relax in the summer and Fyodor texts to teach?! After school Fedor graduated from Institute of foreign languages and went to work in the construction industry, is very far from creativity.

Pair Zharikova and Gvozdikovoy – “Fried pinks” as they were called by friends, was considered a model family idyll. While in 2005, the country learned that the actor dreams of a big family still celebrated: Yevgeny Ilyich found a second family where the older two children. His mother was the journalist Tatyana Seredova with which the actor met during the festival “Constellation”. A woman at that time was married and, at first glance, the communication between the actor and the journalist did not go beyond the “festival of the affair”. But they were destined to meet and after the festival. Soon Tatiana found that she was pregnant. Yevgeny Ilyich did not want to leave the family, however, Tatiana had arranged such a relationship: the woman decided to give birth “for themselves”. So was born the second son of Yevgeny Zharikov Sergey.

Евгений Жариков: мечты о большой семье, которые привели к краху отношений“I decided: never throw the younger son, will help to raise him. Perhaps it was cruel to Tatiana, but I took her word for it: “You won’t tell anyone that the baby from me, never call me at home. If my family finds out, I will break our relationship and stop to help you”, – shared memories of the actor.
Евгений Жариков: мечты о большой семье, которые привели к краху отношений

Soon Eugene and Tatiana born daughter – Katya. Actor again refused the child, has continued to provide for his family. However, Tatiana has not fulfilled its promises to reveal the mystery of the wife of the artist, which the family scandal.

It was a shock for Natalia Feodorovna, she would immediately file for divorce. The situation was saved by her relatives: found the right words to reconcile artists. But the precipitate remained. When the relationship of the artist and the journalist was released and handed over to the media, it is compounded not only family relationships but also undermined the health of the artist. Yevgeny Ilyich suffered a stroke, however, quickly went on the mend – thanks to his legitimate wife and eldest son.

The stroke was not the last problem: at the end of life Yevgeny Ilyich had to deal with the cancer that ended his destiny in 2012. After an ugly scandal Zharikova never once failed to see their younger children on the side.

Евгений Жариков: мечты о большой семье, которые привели к краху отношений