Евгений Цыганов рассказал, как справляется с воспитанием детей
Large actor scolds himself because of the kids.

Yevgeny Tsyganov


Yevgeny Tsyganov one of the fathers of large families in the Russian show-business. Raising a child is a very difficult process, but when it comes to eight children, how much more. Eugene also learned to cope with this task once or twice. And all because he finds an individual approach for each child. Eugene learned all the conflicts in the house to decide without the “hype”.

“Sometimes you have to impose on the child, ask: “what sound will we paint?” I’m hard to experience violence and are unable children to something there… Maybe that’s my problem. I can’t be quite strict dad who will be their somewhere to push, pull and so on. I’m talking, we’re trying to negotiate. Sometimes the feeling that you do not really perceive, but always hope that emotionally you get!” — shared Tsyganov in a recent interview.

At the same time, Eugene stressed that the spends with the kids not as much time as he would like. “Generally, of course, every child needs to spend time. When a lot of them, the conversation tete-a-tete there is a difficulty. But I try looking for them one by one… Sometimes they bring each other hard methods” — quoted Tsyganov “Rain”.