Yevgeny Tsyganov showed the grown children

Евгений Цыганов показал подросших детей The actor shared a rare snapshot of the heirs. Yevgeny Tsyganov published in Instagram photo, which depicted three of the eight kids of a celebrity. Subscribers were delighted from the long-awaited picture.
Евгений Цыганов показал подросших детей

Fans of Evgeny Tsyganov remember his breakup with the actress Irina Leonova. Star of the TV series “the Thaw” left his wife when she was pregnant with her seventh child. Caring had long discussed the difficult situation in the star couple and couldn’t believe a new novel idol – Yulia Snigir. Yevgeny Tsyganov showed a family reunion with Julia Snigir

Now the man lives together with a new sweetheart and raising a son Fyodor. However, details of their growing family and the details of everyday life Tsyganov subscribers almost not divided. Perhaps that is why they were happy to see a fresh post pet. In the picture the father of many children posing his sons: Andrew, Alexander and George. The boys dressed up in superhero costumes and are happy to demonstrate the muscles.

“As you know, we the people are hot!” – simply signed the frame of the actor.

Among landscapes, photos from rehearsals and filming in Eugene microblog users of the social network did not expect to see grown-up heirs. The followers are unable to leave the publication of unsung idol, and wrote enthusiastic comments under the post.

“Very cute!”, “Sladkie! Three heroes!”, “Tough guys”, “Happiness”, “Oh, they’re so cute! How great that you are so sometimes have fun with the children! Many people think that you are not doing them at all, but now see that I was wrong. It’s always nice to know when your favorite artists are still properly and appropriately behave in normal, everyday life. At home, with friends and family. Thumbs up in the photo!” – spoken by fans.

Apparently, Tsyganov managed to stay with Leonova have a good relationship and to organize a tight schedule to periodically meet with the heirs. Two years ago, after they broke up, a colleague of Eugene’s theatre “Peter Fomenko’s Workshop” actor Thomas Mockus told “StarHit” that the reason for the gap could be fatigue stars. Yevgeny Tsyganov left his wife, pregnant with the seventh child

“He comes home – there’s a fuss, everybody needs something… Jack at some point broke down and left. He is not very attached to any particular place. Then friends, then on set – a lot of work, the group is actively engaged. Periodically, of course, comes to IRE – to see my kids” – shared with “StarHit” the artist.