Yevgeny Tsyganov secretly visits his ex-wife and seven children

Евгений Цыганов тайно посещает бывшую жену и семерых детей

Last summer Evgenie Tsyganov made a lot of noise when he decided to leave his pregnant wife and six children.

The first time entourage actor in one voice told that, well, he’s tired from household chores, and to feed such a big family it will be extremely difficult. Later it turned out that actually Eugene went not to float freely, and to a new lover, which was Julia Snigir.

Attention to his large family Tsyganov has been given. All the time the actor was busy with a new beauty, which, incidentally, was also pregnant, and recently made Tsyganova father for the eighth time.

Now a father is enjoying the care of my new son, however, about the older children not forget.

Again the same environment Tsyganova, says that he secretly runs to his former wife and is actively interested in their lives.

We will remind, last week the jilted wife of Eugene told me that in dire need of money.


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