Yevgeny Tsyganov is going to marry Yulia Snigir

Евгений Цыганов собирается жениться на Юлии Снигирь Journalists argue that the actors plan to register their relationship. But the actual celebrity of this information is not commented on. In addition, it is reported that Snigir and Roma think about buying your own apartment.

      Евгений Цыганов собирается жениться на Юлии Снигирь

      In mass media there was information that Yevgeny Tsyganov and Yuliya Snigir are planning to get married. Journalists argue that the actor allegedly proposed to his sweetheart. This was reported by the other artists. The marriage date Tsyganov and unknown while Snigir, as well as other details of the planned events. Celebrities, is known for its secrecy, has not yet commented on this information, so fans of the star couple can only guess whether it’s true or not.

      Grandpa Yulia Snigir Victor Sirikin also not confirmed data about granddaughter’s wedding. However, he noted that is good to the elect of his cousin. Victor also said that he was happy in the happiness of Julia. According to him, Eugene is very serious about his beloved.

      “They are all wonderful, they are very suited to each other. Roma – nice guy, talented, and caring. Children he has a lot, but he does not throw, everyone helps,” shared grandfather Yulia Snigir with journalists.

      Victor also told that the actors responsible approach to the education of his son Fyodor, who was recently baptized. Lyudmila, mother Julia regularly visits parents and helps them to babysit the adorable baby. Snigir and Roma a lot of work that the child is in no way needed. Immediately after filming the actors in a hurry to get home to the family. According to Sirisena, celebrities periodically consult with a medical specialist, and lead the heir to the massage.

      The first time Snigir was very tired, because the load she had so little. But the young woman learned to cope with everything without the help of maids. At the moment Julia and Eugene rented a two-bedroom apartment on Kutuzov Avenue. However, in the future, the actors are planning to acquire your own home and saving money on it, the words Sirisena

      Recall that the successor of the actors came to light in March. The firstborn Snigir became the eighth child for Tsyganov. Eugene also brings seven children from his ex-wife Irina Leonova. The actor tries to help the heirs and ex-wife. Once in a week and a half artist be sure to visit Leonov and play with young Cihanbeyli. Yevgeny Tsyganov lives for two families