Yevgeny Plushenko leaves the big sports

Евгений Плющенко уходит из большого спорта Skater announced his retirement. According to Plushenko, after surgery he will no longer attempt to participate in major competitions. However, the athlete will be actively engaged in trainer’s activity.

      Famous figure skater Evgeny Plushenko announced his retirement from sports. According to the record, and my health does not allow him to take part in serious competitions. The multi award winning plans to go to Korea for the Olympic games as a guest mentor.

      “I finished a career in the sport. Starting my own Academy where I work as a coach. If we with the athletes ability to prepare for the Olympics, may be coming. Now there are guys from other countries who want me to do. There are guys from Russia, who can also claim to get in the top three and go to the Olympic games. Now I am focused on coaching and riding in parallel in the demonstrations,” the skater shared.

      The other day in school Plushenko held a master class for children with developmental disorders and other diseases. As recognized by the athlete, it is interesting to work with the younger generation. The skater himself is trying to perform a dangerous elements, as he suffered several complex operations.

      “A year ago I had a hernia operation and established implant-ROM. After the Olympics, had surgery. Now I feel great: I play football, play hockey, Golf, act globally”, – said Plushenko.

      Evgeni Plushenko had surgery

      According to one of the brightest representatives of the men’s single skating, he is constantly observed by highly trained doctors. However, doctors do not recommend he risk. Usually the preparation for the competition requires a huge effort. Plushenko believes that it is time to give way to a new generation of athletes.

      “With young people it is impossible now to compete – I think so. Is there some kind of limit. You rightly said about titles… I’ve had 15 operations, to speak at the fifth Olympics difficult. I already ate. Before I rushed to the ice, wanted to prove that in the men’s figure skating, you can ride for a long time. It’s not the same as before: 20-21 year – and went to skate in the show,” said Eugene.

      As said Plushenko in interview to “Match TV”, he is proud of his achievements in figure skating and now try to transfer the experience to future generations. Next week, April 5, will hold a press conference, during which Eugene will tell about the creation of the Academy of figure skating and answer questions about sports plans.