Yevgeny Petrosyan lost the court neighbor

Евгений Петросян проиграл суд соседке According to some, the court ruled that the well-known humorist must pay damages to the neighbor, whose apartment suffered from a flood last summer. Some time ago Elena Markova filed a lawsuit against Petrosian and his wife, as they are the owners of the home where the accident occurred.

Wednesday, June 14, in the Khamovnichesky district court held a hearing, during which it considered the suit of the inhabitant of Moscow of Elena Markova to the famous comedian Yevgeny Petrosyan and his wife Elena Stepanenko. According to some sources, the woman demanded to compensate for a flooded apartment.

Initially, the plaintiff demanded 439 thousand 600 rubles as a compensation, however, the judicial authorities approved the settlement agreement, putting different numbers. So, Yevgeny Petrosyan is obliged to pay the claimant 269 837 thousand rubles. It is reported that this amount includes the compensation for the flooded apartment, payment of state duty, the cost of a lawyer and a valuation of the dwelling.

Since the apartment is the comedian now lives Natalia Magol, she acted as a Respondent in the process. According to some, she is the niece of Yevgeny Petrosyan and Elena Stepanenko. The incident of flooding occurred on 18 August 2016, however, immediately to solve the issue with payments Markova failed.

While there was a trial, witnesses were interviewed. One of them was the father of the victim Valery Krylov. He said that a flood ruined the ceiling in the apartment of his daughter, the repair of which is not cheap. Therefore, the court carefully approached the examinations. “This is a man with a sense of pathological greed, I’ve never seen it, not my level” – so said the man about the comedian during communication with journalists.

When it became public, Petrosian bombarded with questions. He explained to the media that he lives in a different place, so in no way involved in the scandal with the flood.

“I want to officially and not officially inform all interested in other’s personal life! The fact is the place to be, but not me. I live in a very different place, and my apartment, in question, is home to another person, is involved in the dispute. I don’t see any possibility to discuss this topic. Debaters, I am sure, will understand the court as to the objectivity of the situation”, – wrote the artist page on the social network.