Евгений Петросян и Елена Степаненко уже 15 лет не живут вместе Sixth of August in the Khamovniki court of the capital will be a meeting during which the issue is resolved on the division of property between Evgeniy Petrosian and Elena Stepanenko. Petrosyan’s lawyer Sergei Zhorin revealed some details of the sensational case.
Евгений Петросян и Елена Степаненко уже 15 лет не живут вместе

Yevgeny Petrosyan and Elena Stepanenko lived in wedlock for more than thirty years. Earlier in the press appeared information about the infidelity of Eugene Vaganovich his wife. Called even the name of the alleged adulterer’s: it was the assistant of comedian Tatiana Brukhanova that under Petrosian for 43 years.

Artists have denied such arguments and said in their family all is well. And in a press-service of the Khamovniki court of Moscow confirmed the information about that Elena Stepanenko has filed a lawsuit on the division of property, and it claims to be a big part of that was acquired in marriage with Petrosyan. At stake is about 1.5 billion rubles, which comedians will divide it among themselves. Interests Elena Grigorevna in court will be represented by the lawyer Elena Zabralova. Yevgeny Petrosyan works Sergei Zhorin. The lawyer shared some details of the sensational stories.

“My ward Eugene vaganovich suggested Stepanenko to share everything equally, despite the fact that Petrosian throughout their life together was and is the main source of income. But Elena G. somehow believes that she should get a big part. Our main goal is to ensure that the court divided the marital property equally,” — said the “StarHit” Sergei Zhorin.
Евгений Петросян и Елена Степаненко уже 15 лет не живут вместе

Zhorin very surprised by the behavior Stepanenko. At first the couple had to sign the settlement agreement. Elena G. did not attend the meeting, citing a headache. Later it turned out that a couple of days before the actress filed a lawsuit on the division of property. “She filed a lawsuit, and then for some time continued to negotiate the signing of the settlement agreement. The full absurdity,” said Zhorin.

Moreover, the lawyer said that for a long time tried to hide the couple known from the General public. For fifteen years Petrosyan and Stepanenko don’t live together, so the question of divorce is long overdue. Yevgeny vaganovich has tried to solve it peacefully, through the Registrar.

Perhaps, Stepanenko wants to attract attention with their actions,” Zhorin trying to find justification for controversial actions of the artist.

The lawyer says that the couple are in a good relationship, moreover, Petrosian, Stepanenko helps in the creative plan, is in the background of this story with the court seems even more incomprehensible.

That will divide Petrosyan and Stepanenko in the divorce