Евгений Миронов обсудил проблему домогательств в театрах
The actor spoke out against the proposed restrictions.

Vadim, Igor Wernicke and Yevgeny Mironov

Photo: the frame of the program “2 wernick 2”

Yevgeny Mironov is the artistic Director of Theatre of Nations, talked about which topics are most relevant now in the international theater community. Not so long ago, the actor took part in the Congress of the Union of theatres of Europe. According to his story, one of the most pressing topics of the meeting was the establishment in theaters worldwide latrines for people with transgender. And actively discussed the limitations associated with harassment. Resonance theme, which began with a scandal, Harvey Weinstein, was not spared and theatrical world.

Mironov said that at the meeting it was presented the “set of rules” for the head. Under the proposed novovvedeniya, meeting with clients, actors and assistants now must be held in a strictly formal setting (no discussion of new projects over a glass of wine in the restaurant).

“We just got back with Roman Dolzhansky from Paris, where a meeting of the Association of European theatres, where the Theatre of Nations this year included. There were discussed the problems for me is just amazing. For example, transgender toilets. I’m just not in the “theme”, but this problem was solved creative Director in leading European theatres. Or, for example, harassment. The Director of the National theatre of a name of Lawrence Olivier said at the meeting: “this year we’re proposing to do here such rules!”. And it says: the Director is not entitled after the rehearsal to go with the assistant to drink a glass of wine and something to discuss. I said, “Second, and the rehearsal for tomorrow he is to make at least a can with a glass of “Pinocchio”? However, there are other issues were discussed,” said Mironov in the “2 wernick 2”. About them, the actor to speak was gone.

It is curious that in Russia the theme of “harassment” have not received development. Individual artists spoke about insignificant details, but a scandal in the West, never broke.