Евгений Кафельников публично обратился к дочери The athlete believes that his successor was faced with serious problems and needs help. Yevgeny Kafelnikov is trying to connect with Alesya. At the same time the model itself denies that abuses illegal substances.
Евгений Кафельников публично обратился к дочери

Last week, tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov was frightened by the strange public posts on Twitter. The man spoke about the problems in the family and called himself dad. According to the athlete, he has difficulties in communicating with her daughter, due to the fact that she abuses drugs.

Ales Kafelnikov landed in a scandal with drugs

A few days later, Kafelnikov decided to publicly call on the heiress. The man told her to think about their behaviour and to begin to seek a way out of the situation. In addition, Eugene admitted that he likes Ales.

Евгений Кафельников публично обратился к дочери

Publication tennis player has caused mixed reactions among his followers. “Why make a public field or personal problems?” – shared by one of the followers Kafelnikov. At the same time, another subscriber Eugene advised the users of Twitter to leave his family alone. “Councils need to give the specialists. There is a probability of aggravation of the situation for publicity. Patience and perseverance Eugene and daughter,” commented the reader microblog athlete.

Meanwhile, the culprit of controversial posts in the microblog Yevgeny Kafelnikov said that no difficulty. During the conversation with journalists Ales said that she is doing well. Later, the model posted a tweet in which he asked his father to stop the spread of rumors. A few hours later the girl deleted the post.

“Please tell A. E. that he got his “Twitter” spreading all those rumors,” wrote the model in one of the social networks.

Recall that at the end of last week in the media appeared information about the hospitalization of Alesya Kafelnikov. It was reported that the girl disappeared on the evening of 27 July and was in intensive care for unknown reasons. However, according to others, the state of the model was not so depressing, and she poisoned liquor.

After some time Ales had gone to St. Petersburg for the filming of “Hype”, about the life of the modern bloggers. A distinctive feature of ribbon is that it was shot on a mobile phone. The film Director George Porotov said that she feels fine and does not complain of health problems.

In turn, Ales noted that investigates the influence of social networks on people. According to Kafelnikov close to her idea of the film, as it spends time in various public and facing with the negative reviews. The model believes that sometimes the Internet is bad for teenagers, therefore they even can commit suicide, unable to withstand aggressive criticism.