Евгений Кафельников встречается с молодой стюардессой The athlete moved the girl to his home. Yevgeny Kafelnikov was caught in the arms with the stewardess. Fate brought the famous athlete with a chosen one with the same name as his daughter, – Alesya.
Евгений Кафельников встречается с молодой стюардессой

Not so long ago a famous tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov began to notice a young stewardess. As it turned out, the girl’s name as well as his 19-year-old daughter, Alesya. Moreover, according to journalists, between lovers, there is such a warm and trusting feelings that the athlete is invited beloved to move to live with him. Ales already carried the suitcases to the apartment of Eugenia, which is located in the center of Moscow on Ostozhenka street.

For three years, Yevgeny Kafelnikov was married to Mary, the mother of his daughter Alesya. After the divorce, they decided that the child should live with his father. The girl is now building a career as a model and even participated in a rather candid and provocative set. Apparently, the father is not opposed to the heiress were able to find something for everyone.

Like all parents, Kafelnikov cares about the health of his daughter. A couple of years ago there were rumors that Ales suffering from anorexia – many sounded the alarm due to the fact that she looks too skinny and sickly. However, the athlete denied these rumors and convince others that he doesn’t care how it feeds the heiress.

“Eugene A. directly participates in the education of Lesya and cares, he goes to her shows, he is really watching her diet. They constantly visit doctors, given that this is a sports family, they look after their health. No doctor gave this diagnosis, which can be discussed now,” – said the representative of the family Kafelnikov Vadim.

The girl also annoyed by speculation about her illness. She believes that there should be full just for the sake of the surrounding was peaceful for her. “I think I’m a healthy person. My height is 175, weight is 48 kilograms. I’m really limiting yourself in food, try to eat healthy – meat, fish, I eat the whole thing. I limit myself to only fast food,” said Ales.

As reported by telegram-channel Super, she has been able to establish a good relationship with the adult daughter of his chosen. The flight attendant happily cooks in the morning for girls mess.