Yevgeny did not see her granddaughter because of a conflict with his son

Евгений Дятлов не видит внучку из-за конфликта с сыном The actor said “StarHit”, how are his relations with the heir. According to Yevgeny Dyatlov, Whitney calls him only when he needs help. In other respects, both the father and the son does not find time to communicate with each other.

      Евгений Дятлов не видит внучку из-за конфликта с сыном

      After the divorce with actress Daria Lesnikova son of Eugene Dyatlov left to live with her. The heir to artists Egor is now 25 years old, and his relationship with his father going through hard times. Evgeny hard transfers separation from the son and was seriously concerned about what is happening in their communication.

      “Egor and not in a fight – says “StarHit” Eugene Dyatlov. Our life is rich, so it happened. When the son says, “daddy sit down”, and the father at this moment is located in Irkutsk… When I come in for one day to Moscow, then immediately run, for example, the shootings of the show “Just exactly”. I am in the same position as he is. He goes about his business, I have mine”.

      The eldest son of the Dyatlov followed in the footsteps of their parents. Like most aspiring actors, Yegor has already faced a number of difficulties. The constant auditions and the audition have become an integral part of the life of man. The heir to the stars of Russian cinema was known as an exemplary family man – he married actress Natalya, which brings up a small daughter.

      The strained relationship with his son prevented Eugene Dyatlovo to meet with her granddaughter. The last time grandpa saw a baby in 2015, on a family holiday. But woodpeckers tries from time to time to remind her granddaughter about yourself. For example, he recently gave a pillow handcrafted with vivid image. The little girl explained that the gift she gave grandpa.

      “Yes, my child knows nothing, – said Eugene. – It is important for parents to love and to be constantly with them. And grandparents – it’s like the app. We as grandparents was, they lived their lives, and we were minding our own business. They back door. There are times when even the best”.

      The artist lives in trouble not less. Woodpeckers bringing up nine-year-old daughter Vasilisa, born in the marriage with actress Julia Germinomas. Now the man thinks, how he carry his brother from Ukraine to Russia. Besides, Eugene is constantly on the move – actor busy filming and in various theatre productions, which toured extensively. In short, time to communicate with his son he simply does not remain. The celebrity admits that, perhaps for this reason, he fails to establish a relationship with the 25-year-old heir.

      “I can be in Vladivostok – continues to Eugene Dyatlov. -There is a different time zone. And Egor may not know it – he only calls when need financial assistance. He is not against to communicate, but it has to come from both sides. Ideally, we, of course, ever sit by the fireplace, sipping red wine… we Will talk together and tell what we could do and how to solve it. While this is not possible”.

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