Yevgeniya Dobrovolskaya told about dissonance in a family

Евгения Добровольская поведала о разладе в семье
52-year-old actress Evgenia Dobrovolskaya willing to answer reporters ‘ questions about his family, but tries to avoid the topic of the spouse.

Евгения Добровольская поведала о разладе в семье

The actress is married to cameraman Vladimir Manannikova. The couple were married 8 years ago.

Eugene gladly talks about his four children, but gets nervous at the mention of the name of her husband.

“I have a wonderful family, I live with children and live for them. The husband is an outsider, he’s not even your relative. You can imagine it? The woman clings to the man and says he doesn’t know how without him, makes a foolish dog”, – said Dobrovolskaya in conversation with the journalist.

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