Да или нет: 61-летняя Донателла Версаче в бикини

61-year-old woman literally shocked the audience! Of course, at that age, to possess a toned tummy — merit.

Well, that is until the end of summer is three weeks away! The stars continue to delight us with pictures from vacation, ocean, sea, or even just the pool.

Donatella Versace is also not far behind from the star elite, and shares with followers photos of the Villa in Sardinia.

61-year-old designer shamelessly demonstrates her figure outdoor in bikini, and what embarrassed? Star grandmother boasts a slim and toned stomach, muscular arms and perfect legs.

However, fans of Donatella divided into two camps: some admired the woman’s figure, while others noted that obscene in this age of candid shots to upload, and scars on the abdomen Versace look ugly.

Anyway, Donatella a lot of attention to his body and does a cardio workout five times a week and trying to eat right.

And how do you figure Donatella?

  • Super! I also want to look 61!
  • I would be opposed to my grandmother these photos were posted
  • Yes it all fit, and the poor. Dislike

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