Елена Исинбаева показала, как выглядит после родов
The athlete became a mother three days ago.

Photo: Instagram

Valentine’s day the most famous vaulter in Russia’s Yelena Isinbayeva became a mother for the second time. That this happy event happened, the press reported the coach athlete Yevgeny Trofimov. And later she visit his personal blog commented on the birth of his son and thanked all for the congratulations.

The first three days after the appearance of the boy took place in a pleasant chores. Isinbayeva “acquainted” with his son, re-learning to feed the baby, care for the helpless infant. And now, when mother and son returned home, Elena decided to congratulate their fellow athletes for the medals they earned at the Olympics these days.

“A little late… — she wrote. — I congratulate on successful performance of Russian athletes won bronze medals: Anastasia Bryzgalova, Alexander Krushelnytskoho, Natalia Voronin, Denis Spicula, Alexander Bolshunova, Julia Belokurova. Nikita Tregubov congratulations on winning a silver medal. You are just great! Proud of you!!! Good luck to our national team in struggle for gold medals!!! We believe you can do it!”

Isinbayeva has also posted the first selfie after giving birth. Fans said that she looks just fine. “No makeup is not necessary! Motherhood suits you!” — correctly noted some of them.

And Elena have to wear a t-shirt with an inscription “Russia” in support of our athletes who nnce perform at the Olympics under a neutral flag. Isinbayeva believes himself a true patriot and always tries to defend the rights of Russians in the society. Because of this, it recently publicly condemned a popular blogger Elena Miro. She wrote in her blog that the man who calls himself a patriot of Russia, talks about it and encourages people to be the same, just has no moral right to give birth outside the country.

“Whether the right to give birth Isinbayeva in Monte Carlo? the blogger writes. — Definitely has. And to give birth, and to be treated, and that’s fine. Any person, if he earned, has the right to choose the medical institution. Isinbayeva does the right to live in Monte Carlo? And then I will answer — Yes! In Monaco, in Europe, even in Africa live, darling, anywhere! I travel a lot and believe that it is not just possible, but normal. The more I travel, the more you know. There is a possibility — better to give up from a new handbags but having been in a country in which there were not. So what is the claim to Isinbayeva? Explain again, very clearly: if you live, give birth abroad, what the … are you trying to speak on behalf of the people?! Myself say, but your opinion is not rattling! Isinbayeva has every right to say: I, who is to relocate to Monaco, I think that Russia should be humiliated and to go to the Olympics under a flag of truce. But Isinbayeva has no right to speak as States now: I am a patriot, a Russian girl from Volgograd, I urge everyone to go to Korea and fight for the honor of the country.
There’s a big difference. Elena is not the Russian athlete. She is a resident of Monaco. To be relevant to Volgograd, Lena must live in this city and to give birth. Only in this case Isinbayeva will have the right to speak on behalf of Russia and its citizens”.