Елена Исинбаева раскрыла правду о своих тайных родах Recently, well-known athlete has provoked heated debate on the Network. Fans of Yelena Isinbayeva came to the conclusion that she has become a mother for the second time. Some time later, the star decided to shed some light on the situation.

Some time ago, Yelena Isinbayeva has intrigued fans with a photo taken, presumably in the hospital. Users of social networks have come to the conclusion that the athlete became a mother for the second time, and began to congratulate her on her addition to the family. Warm wishes the vaulter has left and the actor Gosha Kutsenko. “Yes! Lena! Olympia!” – written by the artist in the comments to her sounding post.

After reviewing the reaction of Internet users, Isinbayeva hastened to clarify the situation. Athlete again got in touch with the subscribers to uncover the truth about the appearance of a second child. In recognition of Helen, she did not expect that her previous post would cause such a strong reaction from the public.

“Dear friends, woke up and the phone goes off… to Congratulate you on the birth of a child yet, my husband still waiting for our miracle! Once everything goes through, I will certainly misleading. While I still enjoy the pregnancy!” – shared the star of the sport.

Fans Isinbayeva thanked her for her denial of the rumors and wished easy delivery: “good Luck”, “All is well”, “envy”.

For the first time about her second pregnancy famous jumper with a pole became known in the end of July. Then Tina Kandelaki congratulated Elena on the upcoming replenishment of the family. TV presenter and General producer of “Match TV” dedicated athlete tweeting.

Recall that Yelena Isinbayeva is the mother of a charming eve, which came to light in June 2014. The father of the baby – thrower spear Nikita Petinov. A pair of legalized relations in December of the same year. On this occasion, the lovers staged a celebration in his hometown of Helena Volgograd. The couple invited friends to a Banquet, which was held in one of the elite hotels in the city. Friend Isinbayeva, Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling Natalia Vorobyova, posted a touching video of a dance couple.

The coach of Isinbaeva Evgeny Trofimov said “StarHit” that Elena is very happy. “The fate of her brilliant. The wedding was very fun, perfect! More than a hundred people, the restaurant is full. And many still are unable to come due to the fact that in Volgograd heavy fog,” – said the athlete.

Yelena Isinbayeva rarely shares details of his personal life. Athlete almost never appeared in public together with her daughter Eva, however, a few months ago, she made an exception. The girl participated in sports. Fans Isinbayeva found that the child – a copy of the famous mother. Grown-up daughter Yelena Isinbayeva made a splash in the competition