Yelena Isinbayeva has chosen a son “heroic” name

Елена Исинбаева выбрала сыну «богатырское» имя
The athlete said, as he called the baby.

Photo: Instagram

Olympic champion Yelena Isinbayeva became a mother for the second time a month and a half ago. Valentine’s Day, the athlete gave birth to a son in Monaco. But still Elena kept secret, how she named the newborn baby. And then, finally, came the moment of truth. In one of his posts Isinbayeva complained that nothing succeeds, and he called the name of the son.

“It turns out to be a mother of two children is not so easy, — Elena sighs. — In almost no time. Families in which three and more children, you are heroes! Try mode our son Dobrynya Nikitich adjust mode daughter, while it turns out poorly”.

Husband champion name just Nikita (Nikita Petinov — javelin thrower, a member of the national team of Russia), so, most likely, the boy was named Dobrynya.

“Very Patriotic name!” — the fans.

Some, however, doubt that Elena chose such an unusual name for a boy that will grow in Russia (two years ago, Isinbayeva has announced that it has moved to live from Monaco in Moscow). Today, however, the ancient names are back in fashion. And this combination as Dobrynya Nikitich, perhaps from childhood will give the boy a real “heroic” character.

The coming months, the athlete with the children plans to spend in Monaco, where he was born Dobrynia.