Елена Исинбаева оправдалась за слезы на встрече с Путиным Earlier in the week it became known that a large part of Russian national team in athletics was suspended from participation in the games. Yelena Isinbayeva, who have been preparing for the Olympics, very worried, so the athlete even cried at a meeting with Vladimir Putin.

      Елена Исинбаева оправдалась за слезы на встрече с Путиным

      The head of the International Association of athletics federations Sebastian CoE on the eve rejected the request for reconsideration for admission for the 2016 Olympic games, which kicks off August 5 in Rio de Janeiro, the Russian athletes. Champion in pole vaulting Yelena Isinbayeva was among those who misses those Summer Games. Yelena Isinbayeva on the IOC decision: “Sad to tears by his own impotence”

      At a reception at the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with the participation of the Olympic athlete gave a speech in which he said that their team were not given any chance to justify himself. “We were suspended without evidence, impudently, rudely,” said the athlete.

      According to Vladimir Putin, the situation with Russian athletes has gone beyond common sense. “And right here I must say that short-sighted politicians are not left in peace and sport. Although the sport is meant to bring people together and smooth out problems between countries contradictions”, – said the head of state.

      When Isinbayeva gave the word, she was so overwhelmed that she couldn’t hold back the tears. Elena explained to his fans on the social network page, why began to cry.

      “Today, at a reception at the President, unable to hold back tears of resentment, strong girls, too, sometimes break, and emotional. Well, anything that doesn’t kill you makes you even stronger. Thank you from the heart and soul! I said, “Elena, you have already won, because our hearts are with you.” Is it really any more victories and medals. Thank you very much for the recognition!”, – said Isinbayeva in Instagram.

      Users of social networks support the star athlete in the comments. “Helen, hold on, you’re strong girl! The country loves you!”, “You are the Olympic champion, you don’t even want to compete, because they know in advance that they would lose”, “We are with you, you are the best and a great athlete. It is really an injustice,” said Isinbayeva fans.

      By the way, after the decision of the IOC athletes was organized by a consolation tournament for athletes from Russia, who will not be able to compete at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. It will take place today. Isinbayeva has refused to speak at this event, but will participate in a briefing with media representatives.

      According to the coach of Isinbaeva Evgeny Trofimov, two-time Olympic champion was invited to be the flag-bearer of the Russian team at the opening of the Games in Rio. Elena has not given the exact answer. Previously it was assumed that the banner will carry the volleyball player Sergei Tetyukhin.

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