Елена Исинбаева прокомментировала новость о родах
Olympic champion asked fans not to rush things.

Yelena Isinbayeva

Yelena Isinbayeva, picking up the phone, was amazed
the number of missed calls and SMS messages. Finding out the reason that she “broke”
phone, Olympic champion laughed. The reason of fun athletes
can understand posting a photo of his own shadow, she could not
assume that two images, which she left under the post:
waving hands and a pregnant woman, fans will perceive as something that
located on the ninth month jumper have already given birth. Helen decided to clarify
the situation.

“Dear friends, woke up and the phone goes off… —
Isinbayeva has written in the microblog. To congratulate the birth of a child too early,
my husband and I are still waiting for our miracle! As soon as all will be, I
will certainly misleading.
While I still enjoy the pregnancy!”

Yesterday the microblog of the Russian subscribers of the jumper congratulated her
with the birth of a child. “Congratulations! Yay! Children are our future! Well done! So
keep it up! A boy or a girl?” members were unanimous in their
assumptions and comments. Among congratulating Lena with joyful
the event was Gosha Kutsenko. “Yes! Lena! Olympia!” — enthusiastically commented on the actor photo.
However, the actor, as it turned out, they all hurried.