Елена Исинбаева стала «Женщиной года» в Монте-Карло
The achievements of the Russian athletes was estimated at Monaco.

Photo: Instagram

The prestigious award was given to Yelena Isinbayeva, who now lives in Monaco. Russian athlete went there in the beginning of the year to give birth to a second child in the best conditions that you can imagine. Do gymnasts have private property in this country, therefore no obstacle in order to implement the plan, have arisen.

Elena gave birth to a son in mid-February, but in the so-called decree she was sitting. With a newborn baby, who was named Dobrynya, the star of the national sport helps sister. She Isinbayeva almost immediately resumed his duties. Elena is charity.

Recently the vaulter was presented with a very prestigious award in Monaco than Elena immediately shared with their fans.

“I was honored to be awarded the “Monte Carlo the Best woman of the year 2018” for my charitable work and achievements in life as a champion for Peace! — told the athlete. Award established by the Foundation “Women in sport” and is an international”.

For the ceremony, Isinbayeva chose an elegant suit of white. It’s only been three months after childbirth, but Olympic champion is already in great shape. The secret of such a rapid transformation is simple: she wouldn’t stop doing sports even in the last stages of pregnancy. With a huge belly she came to the gym and tried to do the minimum of exercise. Of course, without compromising the health, of your child. No strength training, only cardio!

“Pregnancy is not a disease! was all she said. Can be a bit the bike and twist. This will help me to quickly come in shape after childbirth”.